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Air Dry Clay


Php 235 per pack

Available in two colors: White and Terra Cotta.

DAS air dry modeling clay is perfect for your simple DIY projects. It dries in 24 hours (depending on where it is left to dry), giving you a lot of time to sculpt, mold, and stamp away for hours! It can also be baked in an oven stove and will harden in a few minutes. Sand and paint away with ease when dry and hard.

Tip: You can spray small amounts of water onto the clay to make them softer to handle.

When not using the whole pack, you may keep the remaining clay inside the original packaging (simple instructions on the back on how to re-seal it), and/or store it in any air-tight container and keep in a cool place away from sunlight.

NOTE: Each pack contains 500 grams of clay, so the weight may affect delivery fees.


  • Das Air Dry Clay - White
  • Das Air Dry Clay - Terra Cotta
  • Das Air Dry Clay
  • Das Air Dry Clay
  • Das Air Dry Clay
  • Das Air Dry Clay