Hey Kessy aims to promote arts and crafts by making washi tape and other arts and crafts materials more affordable and available in the Philippines.

We're also doing our part in building a healthy crafting community that you can be part of. Anyone is welcome to join the workshops, art fairs, and other events that we have lined up month after month, which are all great avenues to meet people and be with fellow crafters, makers, and artists.

Mansy Abesamis

Hey Kessy is run by Mansy Abesamis, a papercut artist, jewelry maker, crafter, and potter. It was her search for washi tape that led her to start selling the pretty and colorful products online.

Later on, as her love for arts and crafts grew, the kinds of items available in the store also expanded to include more than just washi tapes. She holds various kinds of workshops every month, and joins arts and crafts events all throughout the year.

Helping out Mansy is graphic designer and illustrator, Paul Imbong. He's the first to design original Hey Kessy washi tapes and is the mind behind the cute postcards that we give away for free each month. Check out his other illustrations at www.popol.ph.

Let's Collaborate
We want to work with you! Share your ideas on how we can do, or make, something together. Email us at contact@heykessy.com.

Is Hey Kessy open to doing collaborations and partnerships?

Yes we are! Share with us your ideas how we can work together by sending an email to contact@heykessy.com.

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