New Washi Tape

Original washi tape made by the wonderful Abbey Sy and her artistic hands

It's Christmas!

More than 10 holiday-themed washi tapes for wrapping and decorating

Original Designs

After a long wait, our original washi tape designs are back on stock!

Let's Be Makers

Get the arts & crafts materials you need to make and create!

Visit Our Shop

We finally have a store, and we're excited to welcome you in!

Get artsy and try out a new craft with these wonderful new products.

Chalk Markers

Transform your shirts and textiles with the Shibori Kit
Check it out

Easy to paint and decorate 3D letters now available
We have symbols, too!

X-Acto Knife

The X-Acto knife - a sharp knife for precise cutting and carving.

Spare blades also available

DAS Airdry Clay

Sculpt, mold, and stamp away with ease using our DAS air dry clay.

Hardens in 24 hours

washi tape and other craft workshops

Spend an afternoon learning a new craft skill with Hey Kessy and friends.

Upcoming workshops